1 day = one village + one activity

Do you want to go out? It's fine, we offer you one outing a week! Every Sunday: a small excursion and activity in one of our villages.

Sunday 3 January: Fontaine-de-Vaucluse

We start with the village of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse. Indeed, everyone knows the abyss, the Sorgue, which rushes down the steep and rocky slopes at high speed. The ride by the way takes about fifteen minutes. Have you ever seen the paper mill? Discover the museum, learn and discover the printing techniques of the past, in a splendid setting. A place that really deserves the visit and visit the museum dedicated to paper making!

The source of the Sorgue in Fontaine de Vaucluse

Paper mill in Fontaine de Vaucluse

Sunday 10 January: Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne

This village is appreciated for its alleys, fountains and small relaxing corners. Do you know the Campbeau plateau, with its vineyards and castle? If you've never heard of this fabulous place, maybe it's time to go for a walk! Go on the Campbeau plateau between vineyards and impressive nature, you will not be disappointed!

Walls in Châteauneuf de Gadagne

Vineyards in Châteauneuf de Gadagne

Sunday 17 January: L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

If you want some calm and nature, we advise you to go to rest while admiring the power of the Sorgue at the Water Sharing. Enjoy nature, watch the birds and ducks passing by and relax with the sound of the water. Then enjoy the Provencal market, an exceptional market with good products and a warm atmosphere.

Water Sharing at L

Cheeses on the market of L

Sunday 24 January: Le Thor

Come and discover the city centre of the Thor: the church, the belfry... Have you ever taken the time to discover and look at the ramparts around the city? Have you ever taken the red bridge behind the ramparts, with the Sorgue that passes right under your feet? If you want a quiet place or spend the afternoon, head to the Estourans Park between two arms of the Sorgue, with a bowling and wooden activities for children!

The Thor Gateway


Sunday 31 January: Saumane-de-Vaucluse

Saumane, its alleys, its castle, its cats, and the surrounding nature. It is a perfect balance between nature and village, admire the view from Sainte-Trophime Church. Take a stroll through the village, between its small fountains, its washhouses and its calm and relaxing atmosphere. We invite you to discover the manufacture of the santons, at the Mas de la Crémade. Come and discover this magical place, where the technique has been transmitted for several generations. You will also discover a Provencal nursery (until February 2!) , typical made according to the traditions and know-how of this family.

Village of Saumane de Vaucluse

Nursery at Mas la Crémade in Saumane de Vaucluse

We hope that this month of January will be pleasant for you and that these walks will be delightful!

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1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité
1 jour = un village + une activité

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