Colorado Adventures

Colorado Aventures is a multi-activity park located in Rustrel, part of Colorado Provencal. For young and old, beginners or seasoned climbers.

Come and discover our climbing routes, our outdoor laser game and the benji jump.
The Colorado Adventures offers 9 courses for all ages, in the heart of the Notre Dame des Angels forest, where you can find the famous ocher massifs specific to the Luberon. Come and enjoy an overview of these vibrant and warm volumes: along our ziplines, monkey decks and other high games; all always safe.

Indeed, our courses are endowed with continuous lifestyles and so-called 'smart carabiners'. Whether for the smallest (from 3 years old) and older, our different workshops at height are adapted according to the age, height and level of each.
If you are more adept at skill games, we offer outdoor laser game (from 8 years old) or if you are enthusiasts of thrills? Try the Benji Ejection experience. Bungee jumping upside down, you'll be propelled into the air to the treetops! Adrenaline guaranteed.

If adventure tempts you, always remember to reserve your place before you come.

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Colorado Aventures
Forêt Notre-Dame des Anges

84400 Rustrel
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