Exhibition “Woman Landscape”, by Claudine Aspar

Everything is mystery and magic in Claudine Aspar's work. His creatures give shape and existence to terrestrial and celestial realities, these two paths that open to man.

Exhibition “Woman Landscape”, by Claudine Aspar

Claudine Aspar's artistic universe in a “figurative” and “narrative” mode embraces colors, invades space by deploying a diversity of techniques and creative materials: monotype engraving on plates, paper laminated on fabric, acrylic coating, ceramic, embroidery, inlay of materials such as stones, sequins, threads...

The artist, singular and solitary, built and populated, since the 80s, his little world at once esoteric, confusing, childish, naive, inspired by children's drawings, comics, far from the conceptualism and minimalism that prevailed in those years.

Claudine Aspar's expression has remained, on the contrary, resolutely baroque and proceeds from a logic of accumulation, concentration, the perpetual addition of creatures in the sphere of the irrational where each work participates in the narration of a story.

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Dépliant exposition "Femme Paysage"
2324.41 ko
Affiche exposition "Femme Paysage"
8295.08 ko

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Exposition "Femme Paysage", de Claudine Aspar
Musée-bibliothèque François Pétrarque
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