Exhibition “Laurent Delaire, These whites that I dig”

“Laurent Delaire probes the mysterious forces and order hidden behind the world of appearances. It turns into an enigma what is in the field of evidence.” - Jean-Claude Guerrero.

Exhibition “Laurent Delaire, These whites that I dig”

Built in three chapters, the exhibition features paintings, drawings, and installations.

In drawings that often stage intimate interiors, the artist parasitizes the usual codes of perspective by extracting parts of the image or fragmenting them.

On his monochrome paintings, some of which cite the Dutch Golden Age, he proceeds by erasing the medium in order to gradually reveal the initial drawing as well as the white background of the support that pictorially conveys the light. There comes an epiphany (a manifest) where images often marked with a meditative or spiritual dimension emerge.

All these figurations invite you to a motionless journey that can be linked symbolically to inner exploration.

In the immersive installation 'They all became shadows, 'rubbing prints depict the Absence within a domestic and familiar interior. It is a meditation on the impermanence of our condition.

Finally, the artist devotes two rooms to his asemic writings that present a cursive, regular, mastered and indecipherable script. Ascetic, this experience requires a presence in the gesture on the part of the artist scribe. It intimately links the plastic process and the life whose flow it expresses.

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Exposition « Laurent Delaire, Ces blancs que je creuse »
CAMPREDON centre d'art
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