Mission Goldilocks - Move Time Mission

Discover the city differently and slip into the shoes of an undercover agent to accomplish a mission. Mix between the Escape Game, the treasure hunt and the investigation, with your smartphone as a guide and an adventurer's kit provided at the start.

Mission Goldilocks

Location: Fontaine de Vaucluse

For the past few months strange songs, monstrous cries have been emanating from the resurgence.
No one explains this phenomenon! Beavers disemboweled, dogs gone, terror sets in and the inhabitants flee the village! Many sell their homes. Tourists are scarce.

The legend of La Coulobre resurfaces. Specialists have found giant molts and large scratch marks on the cliff! So isn't the legend just a legend?
Is Vallis Clausa's monster alive and waking up from a long sleep?
Our team has started the investigation, but our agent 00.8.4 has mysteriously disappeared!
He must have left clues and his investigation book somewhere, as is the procedure.

We need undercover agents. Your mission, if you accept it, will be to find his notebook and continue the investigation in complete discretion.
Even if we don't believe too much in the thesis of the monster's return, be careful and discreet. If people simulate these phenomena, then they are professionals who succeed in bluffing the greatest specialists... Did they really create a monster or is it just a montage of special effects? For what purpose? We're counting on you to find out.

As usual, our sources are secret and our agents anonymous, in the eyes of passers-by you must remain players of MOVE TIME MISSION, do not trust anyone and only communicate by password.
As always, if you or any of your agents were captured, we would deny having any knowledge of your actions. Good luck!

Practical information:
A booklet, an application, two supports to be used in parallel.
For each riddle on the booklet, there is a corresponding riddle about the application that is complementary to it.
The application is geolocated, some puzzles appear when you are placed on the correct GPS point.
You can write down your answers on this booklet to help you.
Enter the code provided at the time of booking on the app to start the survey.
Do not hesitate to read the topo on the city in the booklet, information can sometimes be useful.
As in any Escape Game, OBSERVER and COMMUNICATE are essential elements to succeed in a mission!

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