We'll make a lot of cheese out of it!

A few suggestions for good addresses in the city center of L'Isle sur la Sorgue, each with its own style and “its specialties”... One thing in common: a passion for cheese.

“You can't buy happiness! However, you can buy cheese and it's almost the same.”

A bit of history

A family story is the origin of the creation of the Fromagerie de L'Isle. More than a story anyway, a passion! Obviously for cheese and culinary crafts, as an alternative to industrialized and standardized production.
Here, we promote quality, farm production and raw milk! Julia, the cheesemaker, is proudly committed to promoting local breeders, artisans, farmers. It is for this reason that it belongs to the Collège Culinary de France network (just like Eulalie here, in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, seafood and seafood catering).

A few suggestions...

From the shop area, you can see their maturation laboratory for so-called lactic cheeses (most goat cheeses), soft or hard doughs, which are driven further away to allow tasting at the optimal time. Goat cheese lovers should go out and discover: Rove cheeses, flower cheeses, Provence tomatoes...
Starting in mid-March, local cheeses from Provence made a big comeback... including the one and only Banon AOP, whose father René, Julia's father, helped to obtain the prestigious name. Until 2020, it was the only AOP in Provence, now joined by the magnificent Brousse du Rove, which can also be discovered (in small quantities!) at the Fromagerie from March to October?.

For wine tasting, Julia gives valuable advice, especially when it comes to wine to accompany cheeses, usually local wines that are not excessively expensive and are worth a visit.

The shop

Maison Moga is a unique address on the city's antiquarian route. They are a team of welcoming enthusiasts in a beautiful house in L'Isloise and bring together all the small and big pleasures of gastronomy in the same place: delicatessen, wines & spirits, catering, cheese making and more when it comes to quality and artisanal products.

As for cheeses, they have their cheese specialist. There is no shortage of ideas to help people discover them: workshops for children, for all foodies of all ages or for the most expert. Their selection is made all over France and necessarily in Provence.

A few suggestions...

Everything can be enjoyed on site, including why not their delicious Fourme du Luberon, which they refine themselves on site (Fourme d'Ambert & Muscat) all year round. We no longer know what to choose: the superb brunch on Sundays, the picnic box, participate in the special Comté workshop, fall in love with an aperitif platter, sit down around a Mont d'Or... Crazy, enjoy a Guinness cheddar.

The shop

Wine and cheese merchant: almost everything has been said! We don't forget the decor here. Inside, the art deco atmosphere, we love to come, sit at the table and enjoy. In the counter, cheeses aged from the best workers in France are selected. In fine weather, you enjoy sitting on the terrace around wine barrels on the pretty shopping street of La République.

A few suggestions...

Right now, enjoy their gourmet bread (on the spot or to take away): soft, crispy, hot homemade bread with ham, cantal & artichokes or with raclette and fig chutney. Otherwise, it's still the Raclette season, Stéphane shares his crush on the creamy Savoy hay season... At the table!


They are duplicating and will soon be on the new square in the village of Châteauneuf-de-Gadagne in equal measure and even better because on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you will have until 23:00 to eat cheese, cheese and more cheese!

The shop

Among the city's new gourmet addresses, Nonna Santa is a pretty delicatessen with an evocative name. Located on one of the most lively quays in the heart of the city, you can find all the Italian cheeses you love: mozzarella di bufala, burrata from Puglia, 5 types of Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiani 24 months of maturation, Provolone, Gorgonzola, smoked Scamorza, buffalo camembert, taleggio...

100% guaranteed from Italy: Che bella notizia!

A few suggestions...

Frédérique and Gérard will not fail to recommend the wine to accompany your tasting: Italian wine is mandatory! At the moment, there is still time to let yourself be tempted by an Italian-style raclette: several homemade suggestions to discover on site! We melt...

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