Creamy risotto with green asparagus and truffle

Chef RENAUD Christophe from Renaud'Mets restaurant has prepared for you a recipe for Creamy Risotto Green Asparagus and Melanosporum Truffles from Ventoux (for 5 people).


Camargue Carnaroli rice: 300 gr
White onion: 1 piece
Grated Parmesan: 40 gr
Vegetable broth: about 60 cl
Liquid cream whipped with siphon: 20 cl
Olive oil: PM
Green asparagus: 1 bunch
Truffle melanosporum du Ventoux: 30 gr

Risotto crémeux asperges vertes et truffes du Ventoux

Preparation of green asparagus

Wash and peel the foot of the asparagus.
Cut the asparagus heads about 10 cm long and cut the rest of the asparagus into small pieces.
Lightly fry the asparagus heads in olive oil, place beautifully on a plate, salted and sprinkle with a little Parmesan and cook quickly in the oven.
Fry the small pieces of asparagus slightly crunchy to add to the risotto when finished.

Preparation of truffle

If necessary, gently brush the truffles with a clean nail brush and a little water.
Cut part of the truffle into small cubes and keep it to make a pretty thin slice.

Cooking risotto

Sweat, without coloring, the white onions chopped in olive oil.
Pearl the rice (make the rice translucent by passing it through the round with the onions and olive oil).
Moisten the rice with the vegetable broth, about 20 minutes of cooking, until the rice is cooked but remains slightly crunchy
Add the parmesan and cream the risotto with the whipped liquid cream
Add the small pieces of previously cooked asparagus
Add the little truffle dices in the preparation without putting back to heat.


Place the risotto on a deep plate.
Put the gratin asparagus heads on top.
Slice nice truffle chips.

Creamy risotto plate green asparagus and truffles

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Risotto crémeux à l’asperge verte et truffe

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