The Caves of Thouzon - Le Thor

Visit the Caves of Thouzon in Le Thor, an authentic natural ecomuseum that will surprise and delight your whole family. Check prices and opening times below.

The Caves of Thouzon have become an authentic ecomuseum and an inexhaustible library open to the geological and biological past of our planet. This magical place thrills visitors with its surprising yellow and gold stalactites that are the main attractions inside the caves. Incredibly rich and diverse, the Caves of Thouzon are located just 18 km from Avignon and are unlike anything else you will see anywhere in Provence.

Hidden splendours of our planet, the caves are home to a magical and permanent spectacle of the mineral world where water has left its creative mark.

Thouzon Caves in Le Thor

Stalactites aux Thouzon Caves in Le Thor

Thouzon Caves in Le Thor

Thouzon Caves in Le Thor

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Grottes de Thouzon
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