Toucher Terre, the Art of Ceramic Sculpture

For its 12th exhibition in 2022, the Villa Datris Foundation continues the exploration of ancestral knowledge revisited by contemporary creation, with Toucher Terre, the Art of Ceramic Sculpture echoing the Tissage Tressage exhibition in 2018.

Toucher Terre, the Art of Ceramic Sculpture

Clay work is in essence art from Mother Earth, an original art that reconnects to the heart of nature's energies.
In its most elaborate forms, it proceeds from the interaction of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air.
More than any other form of creation, the work of clay is hand-to-hand with man, tactile contact and witness imprint of the artist's hand. It is generated with sensuality, it is an art that takes flesh, and unfolds in an almost limitless plasticity. This art is indeed “plastic” in the etymological sense of the term: “suitable for modeling”, which invites to “shape, model”.

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Toucher Terre, l’Art de la sculpture céramique
Fondation Villa Datris
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