At the table with Emmanuel de Menthon, chef of the Bastide Rose restaurant

La Bastide Rose: vitality and authenticity in Thor. Discover an exceptional place where refined cuisine and sensitivity meet in a garden on the banks of the Sorgue.

Le Thor, a few kilometers from L'Isle sur la Sorgue, promises emblematic treasures of our territory. Sometimes in the light or more intimate, this address orchestrated by chef Emmanuel de Menthon is the promise of a shared moment, vitalizing for the senses in a remarkable garden on the banks of the Sorgue. We tell you everything!

La Bastide Rose, a revitalizing place

There are places that do not leave you indifferent. The energies are sometimes so intense that they give rise to perfect chemistry. So when, in addition, the idea is to make them accessible, the equation can only be successful. A guest house and guest houses, La Bastide Rose also hosts the Pierre Salinger Museum within its walls and its extraordinary garden bordered by an invigorating Sorgue. Here, the energies are vitalizing, probably coming from the ground. The “home-like” welcome of Poppy, Emmanuel and Juliette is in the DNA of each of them.

Three generations at the service of this “extraordinary” place for guests who decide to live an experience in the heart of authentic Provence. Each room is more charming than the next with a view of the sublime garden. The possibility of reaching a private island is, for sure, the charm of these places. A space that is still wild, isolated, that many are looking for nowadays... La Bastide Rose offers five rooms, two suites and a cottage but also its table d'hote, Au Gusto orchestrated by Emmanuel de Menthon.


Emmanuel de Menthon, an intense sensitivity

Since 2002, Emmanuel de Menthon has offered fresh and intuitive cuisine, intimately humble in the face of the best that nature can offer. However, nothing predestined this “Gadz'Arts” (Arts Guy, Arts and Crafts Engineer) to focus on cooking. Coming from Paris, he discovered the Velleron farmers' market and had the chance to discover beautiful restaurants. He then gradually built a library of aromas, fragrances and tastes that nourished his already highly developed sensitivity. All that remains is to compose and sublimate like a musician or a painter in front of a blank canvas.

Emmanuel's culinary philosophy is simply divine, based on the principle that the land is the basis of every plate, that combinations of products from the same region make a perfect match, just like products with the same chromatic sensitivity. According to the chef, we must feel, observe, touch what is around us. For example, an asparagus will reveal its fragile and melting side. History is just waiting to be written and relationships created. Exciting.

The restaurant menu varies according to the seasons, moods and especially the requests of customers. Each dish is a celebration of the colors and flavors that Provence has to offer. Winter with roots, autumn the “earthy” side with mushrooms and spring celebrates the return of freshness and freshness. Wild herbs gathered in the surrounding hills and vegetables from the neighboring garden are meticulously processed to enhance their natural flavors, while maintaining the very essence of the ingredients. Emmanuel's daily motivation is nourished by the search for excellence, sincerity and authenticity both in products and in encounters.

Recently, Emmanuel has been joined by his daughter, Juliette, an interior designer and globetrotter whose passion from her father has been passed on to him since early childhood. Her sensitivity is authentic, she will probably bring a perfect balance to this place that she knows so well and that inspires her a little more every day.

By choosing the restaurant Au Gusto de la Bastide Rose for a culinary getaway, you will be immersed in the heart of the authentic tastes of Provence, and will also participate in a story so well written between a chef, his heritage, and the infinite richness of nature.

Practical information

As you will have understood, here, we work on the ultimate freshness of products, close to tailor-made.

Access to the place is by reservation only.

At Gusto, Emmanuel's table
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À table avec Emmanuel de Menthon, chef du restaurant de la Bastide Rose

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