Item of the month: 'Color the World: Transcend'

Isle sur la Sorgue Tourisme invites you to discover one of the creations of the artist from Vaison-la-Romaine, Maïlo, entitled “Color the World: Transcend”.

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Colouring the World: Transcending

Discover this colorful work imagined in Maïlo's studio in Vaison-la-Romaine.

Made from photos taken mainly in Bangladesh and Arles, it has notably been exhibited in China but also at the Los Angeles Art Fair thanks to the Simard Biloddeau gallery.

The following year, she was chosen to illustrate the cover of the magazine 'Luxury Miami' during the Art Fair Basel where it was exhibited in the Aqua art fair in 2017.

The incredible destiny of a work that has toured the planet!

The artist

Photographer Reporter, but also image sculptor, Maïlo travels the world with his camera, looking for moments of life to capture.

Initially considered a simple hobby, it was through her travels that she discovered a real attraction to photography as well as to the messages and feelings it can convey, especially through photo-montages.

These images, which she has taken over the years since 1985, she uses them to express herself through the elaboration of imaginary universes, pointing at the same time, the contradictions and paradoxes of our world.

I seek to transcend reality [...] to make improbable coexist as if it could exist

Through these creations, the artist also invites us to question ourselves, to dream, especially about the diversity of our planet and the peoples who live there...

To your interpretation!

You can come and admire his works from Thursday to Monday at the Nouvel VAG showroom of the Antiquaires de la Gare, 2 Avenue de l'Égalité.

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L'objet du mois : "Colorer le monde : transcender"

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