Magali Piquet

Magali Piquet, a passion yoga teacher and caregiver by profession, offers you a mix of her two activities by introducing you to Yoga therapy.

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Passionate about Yoga and more particularly Vinyasa Yoga whose roots come from Hatha yoga that is practiced on the rhythm of your breath by creating quite dynamic flows.
Magali Piquet also practices YIN Yoga, the yoga of introspection, which is more meditative, less visible but which allows you to release a lot of emotions. YIN works in depth, it stretches, softens deep tissues, fascias but also by compression, it acts on the meridians.

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Magali is convinced that movement is the natural answer to many problems, but beyond that, it is the key to deep well-being.
Diving into yoga means becoming aware of your place, knowing yourself deeply and accepting who you are today.

A warm welcome filled with kindness

If you are from the region or just passing through our beautiful region, Magali hopes to meet you through yoga and continue your journey in your depths and tints of Provencal colors.
The best thing is to come and have your own yoga experience, start your journey, and you'll really know.
All of this goes well beyond the carpet...

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Magali Piquet
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