A cool afternoon at the Grottes de Thouzon

Good weather and hot weather are coming to Vaucluse. In my search for a cool corner sheltered from the sun, I was lucky to come across this timeless place that is the Grottes of Thouzon.

Today, I am taking you to discover one of the most unsuspected and remarkable places in Provence.

Caves like no other!

When I arrived there, I admit to you that I was somewhat surprised. If usually, hearing the word “caves”, I usually expect to have to go down several meters underground, here, that is not the case!
On the contrary, I find myself, somewhat intrigued I grant you, facing the hill of Thouzon. And it is at the bend of a rock, that a door embedded in the rock makes me understand, that it is indeed the hill that gives cachet to this place.

Start of the visit

After a few minutes of waiting, one of the guides comes to welcome our group, we have the right to a quick safety brief. By the way, I also note the presence of picnic tables outside, enough to organize a small meal break before or after the visit! Here we are finally off in the direction of the entrance.
On our way, we learn that the Caves have actually developed inside the hill. Believe it or not, that makes it one of the only caves in the Plaine de France!

After passing the threshold of the door, the feeling of freshness is immediate, an observation that I hasten to point out to the guide, the latter then explains to us that the indoor temperature is around 13 degrees all year round.
If I have to give you any advice, don't forget to take something to cover yourself with, because after a few minutes you could be cold. In case you have forgotten, and if you come with your children: don't panic, blankets can possibly be borrowed before the visit.

The visit is very easily passable by all, the paths having been laid out as soon as the caves were discovered!

A magnificent spectacle of nature

The visit begins with the story of the discovery of the Caves. In particular, we learn that it was in 1902, during the exploitation of a quarry located nearby, that the latter were discovered, on the site of the bed of an old river, now dried up. It is their almost immediate layout that has made it possible to preserve the place intact and thus offer, a spectacle that is as natural as it is authentic.
Over more than 200 meters and according to the explanations, we were able to admire all kinds of stalactites and stalagmites with magnificent yellow and gold hues, but also draperies or basins, witnesses of the strong geological activity of the place.

200 meters may seem short, but at the end of the 45 minutes of visit I can assure you that we want to stay there, if only to enjoy the beauty and calm of the place. Also note that you will have no difficulty moving inside, the paths being properly arranged, except for strollers and wheelchairs which are not accepted.

A breathtaking finale

The highlight of the show? A total black experience.
No access to the outside is present in the Caves because rock falls have ended up filling them over the years, so light has no way of infiltrating inside. So when, a few minutes before the end of the visit, the guide turns off all the projectors (we were warned anyway!) , it's a strange sensation that invades us, as if we were missing a meaning: sight.

A magnificent experience, which I advise you, of course, to come and live by yourself!

Article written by Enzo de Isle on Sorgue Tourism.

Photo credit: © Cédric Gendry

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