Black Cardboard

Art craftsman, designer, artist Cécile Chappuis works on cardboard. Its collections of mirrors, frames, chandeliers and cardboard architectures are presented at the showroom workshop.

Crafts and inspiration

An art craftsman, designer, artist based in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Cécile Chappuis works the cardboard for architects, artists, antique dealers, art collectors and individuals. Passionate about art history, she revisits styles combining the inspiration of the Flemish school and the spirit of the Italian Renaissance with contemporary art.

Cardboard House

A tailor-made work

“Carton de luxe” or “Carton Couture” are the expressions used by its admirers to define his work of high precision to constantly renewed creativity. The works are made to measure, by hand in recovered cardboard with a cutter, a cutting board and glue. The paints used are acrylic, high pigment quality andvery resistant. Presented natural, painted, smooth or corrugated, in flat or very worked, the cardboard lends itself to endless variations. Each piece is unique, great attention is paid to the wishes of its customers.

Cardboard Mirror

Presentation of collections

Since 2005 its collections of mirrors, frames, chandeliers, decorative objects and architectures paper and cardboard are present in France, Europe, USA, Australia, Asia... His creations are presented in his workshop-showroom, an old carpentry of the 18th century lulled by the Sorgue. The workshop is open to the public, preferably by appointment.

Opening periods

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