Ansouis Castle

The Château d'Ansouis, witness to the art of living in Provence in the 18th century offers an unusual visit on reservation: the Hermitage and its hanging garden. A unique place.

The Château d'Ansouis, a treasure from medieval times.

A dungeon, turrets, ramparts... The Château d'Ansouis is a treasure of medieval times. However, the silhouette of the old fortress has gradually softened. Enriched over time, it has become a vast and beautiful stately home with sumptuous French gardens. Immutable, the striking beauty of the panorama remains.

This castle, still inhabited since its origin, has been monitoring the valley of Aigues since the 10th century.

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Château d'Ansouis
Château d'Ansouis
Rue du Cartel
84240 Ansouis
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