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Established in the 1960s, the Lambert Collection in Avignon represents the tastes of the collector, his aspirations and his passions for contemporary art.


The treasures of the Lambert Collection are discovered in a unique place combining 18th-century architectural elegance with the refined and inventive volumes imagined by Rudy Ricciotti and the Berger brothers. Contemporary art is deployed in all its forms, through a rich programme combining permanent and temporary exhibitions, meetings, screenings, performances and concerts. The auditorium and the beautiful bookstore also help to make the place a place of international renown, popular with Avignonnais and visitors visiting.


Made available by the city of Avignon, the Hôtels de Caumont and Montfaucon, built in the 18th century by Jean-Baptiste Franque, house the collection that merchant and collector Yvon Lambert has created since the 1960s. Refurbished by Rudy Ricciotti and Berger&Berger, the place is a special part of minimal art, conceptual art and Land Art. It also shows the evolution of the collection towards figurative and photography in the 90s. Since then, the Lambert Collection has continued to be enriched with creations highlighting the art in the future.


Barceló, Basquiat, LeWitt, Goldin, Buren, Kiefer, Ryman, Twombly, Abdemessed and Vezzoli are some of the prestigious artists whose works appear in the Lambert Collection. Inspired by the place, others left their mark there, such as Claude Lévêque, Miroslaw Balka and Jenny Holzer. The Hôtel de Caumont offers a selection of the works of the fund, according to the spotlight on certain artists or movements. The Hôtel de Montfaucon hosts temporary exhibitions twice a year.

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An exceptional fund, born from the passion of a visionary merchant and collector.

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