Church of Our Lady of the Lake - Le Thor

Located in the town of Le Thor, on the edge of Sorgue, the Romanesque Church of Notre-Dame-du-Lac (late 12th century) is a masterpiece of Provencal Romanesque art

Built in the 12th century, the Church of Notre-Dame-du-Lac is a masterpiece of Provencal Romanesque art, already incorporating Gothic elements, such as the curved warhead crossings that cover its nave.

Legend has it that the Church of Notre-Dame-du-Lac owes its name to a statue of the Virgin miraculously found by a bull.

Classified as Historic Monuments since 1832, it attracts many tourists while inspiring artists and writers, past or contemporaries.

“The bull sinks its four legs into the sand of the arena. The church of the Thor no longer moves, stone force. But let it be in the Clear Sorgue, the strength is clearer and becomes intelligence. She enhorns the sky at the same time as it sinks into a bed of pebbles towards the belly of the earth”
Albert Camus — The Seed of the Sun

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Église Notre-Dame-du-Lac
Place de l'Église
2 Rue Cavalerie
84250 Le Thor
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