Gardens of the Rose and the Perfumer

The Gardens of the Rose and the Perfumer in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue are a true paradise for rose lovers. Open Monday to Saturday mornings and by appointment in the afternoon.

The Gardens

The 'La Rose des Arts' Association was set up in 2004 and carries out a wide range of activities and studies related to that most regal of flowers, the rose. The gardens are a true paradise for anyone who appreciates this precious bloom. True to the tradition of the Grasse perfumers' gardens, the Gardens of the Rose and the Perfumer are simultaneously romantic, baroque and contemporary. The rose beds are interspersed with other scented and aromatic plants, inviting you to enjoy a deliciously fragrant wander.

Summer activities

With over a hectare of gardens at its disposal, the association is able to organise a wide range of summertime activities including tours, harvesting, gardening lessons, flower arranging, introductory rose harvesting lessons and more.

When is the best time to visit the gardens?

The gardens are open to the public Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and by appointment in the afternoon.

To enjoy this magnificent spectacle at its best, we recommend visiting from May onwards; at this time of year, all 3,500 rose bushes should be in bloom (harvesting takes place from 15 May to 15 June).

To learn more about the Baptistine Rose, for which this place is widely known, please see our page specially dedicated to the flower.

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Rose and Scented Gardens
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