Synagogue of Carpentras

Built in 1367, the Synagogue of Carpentras is now one of the oldest synagogues in France still in operation. Check the tour schedules and prices.

Despite the vicissitudes of time, the Synagogue of Carpentras has retained very beautiful remains. Like her Comtadine neighbours, she remains a major witness to the history of the “Pope's Jews”.

In the basement, the baths, bakery and ovens as well as the upstairs worship hall (rebuilt in the 18th century) illustrate the prevailing role of traditions in everyday life.

The synagogue was classified as Historic Monuments in 1924.

The restoration of this exceptional building, since the 1950s, continues today and demonstrates the desire to take into account the communities of the past, a testimony to the living presence of today's Judaism.

Built in 1367, the Synagogue of Carpentras is the oldest synagogue in France in operation.

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La Synagogue de Carpentras
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