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In a mansion, the Quai de la Gare brings together 24 antique shops offering antique furniture, silverware, jewelry, antique books and contemporary art.

The History of the Quai de la Gare

Created by Jean Chizky in the nineties, the Quai de la Gare is a group of 24 antique shops that offer high-end antiques and art objects on the two floors of a mansion and in a particularly refined setting.

Quai de la Gare Isle sur la Sorgue

The key word: quality

Whether it's for antiques from the high period to the 20th century, jewelry and works of art, the Quai de la Gare team takes the greatest care to help you discover and offer you the best. Meet all the personalities and talents in each of the stands at the Quai de la Gare.

Delivery service

In the region or around the world, sellers are always looking for ways to support you so that the delivery of your purchases goes as smoothly as possible.

Quai de la Gare

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Le Quai de la Gare
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