Palais du Roure, center of Provencal culture - Avignon

The Palais du Roure d'Avignon is a museum dedicated to popular arts and traditions, as well as a centre for ethnological, Provencal and archaeological documentation.

Former Hotel of Baroncelli-Javon, Flandreysy-Esperandieu Foundation. For five centuries, from 1469 to 1908, the Baroncelli, originally from Florence, occupied the Gothic mansion transformed in the 17th century into a mansion to which Frédéric Mistral gave the name of Palais du Roure in the 19th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the family, ruined, must resign themselves to selling the hotel, which then experienced ten years of vicissitudes. In 1918, Jeanne de Flandreysy (1874-1959) bought and restored it before giving it to the city of Avignon in 1959. Friend of Frédéric Mistral and Folco de Baroncelli, passionate about Latin culture, Jeanne de Flandreysy makes it both a museum, a library and a renowned study centre, to the glory of Provence and Latin cultures in general.

In 1936, she married Émile Esperandieu (1857-1939), a famous archaeologist, whose archaeological archives, collections and library enhance the prestige of the places.

Today, it is a museum of Mediterranean culture, devoted largely to Provence, its history, its traditions, its language and its literature. There is also an important collection of bells gathered by Jeanne de Flandreysy.

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Palais du Roure, centre de culture provençale
3 rue Collège du Roure
84000 Avignon
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